Buying A Home But Don’t Know Where To Begin?

Good evening Beautiful Women Supporting Women,

Happy Monday to you all!  I hope you had a fantastic weekend!  I had the opportunity to attend a networking event that ended with the guests and the vendors creating a vision board!  It was amazing to see all of us women put our dreams on display and pray our vision aligned with God’s vision.  Now Sunday you know where I normally am BUT because I was up until 8:15 Sunday morning, I missed church!  I did, however, attend the church Christmas party that evening 🙂  Don’t judge me 🙂  We had a wonderful time.

Last week, I introduced you to another group of women who are self-made millionaires/billionaires.  This week, we will discuss how to go about purchasing a home.  If we have some homeowners in this group, please feel free to chime in.  I have a group of real estate agents that I conduct seminars with, so I will share some of their practices with you.

Here are your beginning steps:

  1. Work on your credit – The score that most lenders prefer is 620 but some will go as low as 500.  Keep in mind, the better your credit score is, the better your interest rate will be. Side Note: Monitor your credit scores with Credit Karma and know that you can order a free credit report once a year from each one of the 3 main credit reporting agencies – Experian, Equifax and TransUnion
  2. Savings –  Start to put money aside into your “house fund”.   If you can, try to see how you can increase your income, while lowering your debts.  Is there something you are good at on the side, like cooking, eyelash extensions, making jewelry, etc..?  If so, think about using an additional outlet to generate additional income.  In addition, you are able to take out $10,000 from your retirement plan (401K, 403B, etc…) to put as a down payment on a home as a first time HomeBuyer without the 10% IRS penalty BUT you want to try and leave it for what is intended for.
  3. Pre-approval – Once you have your credit and your savings in place, start looking to get a pre-approval from a mortgage company.  This will at least let you know what your chances are of receiving a good interest rate.
  4. Find a good agent –  It is always important to work with someone you trust.  You can do the research to find your own or you can use the referral system.  At least when someone is recommended, you feel a bit more comfortable than you would going to a stranger who is unknown.
  5. Start thinking of what you must have in your home –  There are certain “must haves” you would like in your home.  Maybe you want a pool or 3 bathrooms or a duplex.  Whatever your desires are, write them down so you can eliminate the ones that don’t meet your criteria.
  6. Start looking online –  Zillow is always a wonderful and easy place to start.  You can filter the search to meet what you desire, right down to the price range.  Also, you can search for certain types of homes e.g. condo, co-op, single family, multi-family, etc…
  7. Once you have found what you are looking for, send the information to your agent and let the process begin!!!!

In this process, you must be patient.  You might not find what you are looking for right away, but once you do, the wait will be well worth it.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post here or email me at:

Next Week: Wait.  Before I put out this money, can I receive assistance? First Time HomeBuyer’s Programs is up next!

As always, thank you for reading.

Have a beautiful and blessed week.


Changing the lives in our community….one family at a time

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