Let’s win in 2020

As the year closes let’s be brutally honest with ourselves. Did the year go as planned? Did you accomplish any of your goals? Today, we are going to figure out the reasons why so often we fail to complete some of our goals. I would advise you to get out your pen and paper right now. 

Before we begin, let me also share with you that it is okay if you didn’t fulfill all of your plans for 2019. Cheer up because you have a gracious and wonderful God on your side. He gave you a brand new day to try again!.

First, your goals for 2020 should be SMART.  All your efforts must be channeled in a way that is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and timely way. Stop making up unrealistic goals for yourself. To do this, your goal should be well defined i.e. I want to lose weight in 2020 is too vague. Instead, make it a realistic goal; in one month I would like to lose 5 pounds. To achieve this I will increase my exercise and change my eating habits. Remember your goals should follow the SMART formula!

One of my personal goals for the new year is to generate another stream of income. I’m not talking about just any kind of business, but one that can generate a large sum of money and can be a blessing to others. Now, because my goal is so huge (After all I serve a great big God) I have to divide them into milestones. One of my milestones is to focus on building and defining my knowledge base. Sometimes we focus on the achievement without realizing the hard work and sacrifice it takes to get there. Progress can be slow sometimes but as long as it is measurable you will get there. Listen to how God instructed Noah to make the Ark. His first instructions was to gather specific type of wood. So make yourself an Ark of Cypress Wood” Genesis 6:4.  Noah’s first job was to gather the material for the ark. It wasn’t glorious it was tedious, but it was necessary. God is an intelligent thinker and his children should operate like him. All goals require action! What is your first set of actions?

When a goal doesn’t get accomplished, we tend to blame others for our failure.  While our reasons can be true, I believe the biggest problem is how we set our goals in the first place. Our lives are packed with responsibilities and we have very little time to accomplish most of our everyday tasks. Then we introduce this huge idea of a goal; which will further strain our resources.  Guys, the number one reason why we fail is because we are not creating the time that we need to achieve our goals. You have to give up something to get what you want in life.  Successful people make sacrifices all the time; they sacrifice sleep, they sacrifice fun and relaxation, they sacrifice temporary enjoyments for the long-term. What activities are you willing to give up? You are going to have to get rid of something that is less valuable so that something of more value can take its place. That is the number one key to obtaining your goals. 

Lastly, God desires that you live a happy and joyful life. He said I come that you may have life and that you may have it more abundantly. As my sister Shantell always says, “God is not the fun snatcher”.  He wants you to live on top of the world! But to do it you have to change your thinking. Nothing of any value is free – you’re going to have to put the time in to get what God has for you in this life! Lazy folks, procrastinating folks and their goals will be left behind. I want you to win in 2020, so be prepared to work hard and believe God that he will work even harder on your behalf. 

God does help those who help themselves. If I can be of any help through prayer, life coaching tips, etc. send me an email simonesmikle@yahoo.com. Every message is confidential.  Blaze a trail for others to follow…



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