Werk Pray Slay Weekend was what I needed.



I’m not sure why, but the way I walked away from Werk Pray Slay last weekend wasn’t the same feeling as last year. There were Speakers from Branding to Student Loans to Traveling!

This year’s experience at Werk Pray Slay Weekend was Epic and I’m a Seasoned Business Owner, had several Business over 12 years.  I left feeling fueled, and ready to take off. Soon as I landed I got straight to work. Guess I needed more motivation and the push to go harder. Maybe I needed to hear from experts , or connect wit others either way it worked.

I was happy to be in the building to feel the vibes and energy . I had the chance to talk  with Speakers that I already follow and do business with. To see them speak in person was a whole different mood from their webinars and books.

Thank You Koereyelle and your team for creating the space for me to get so much needed information in one place.

What Stood Out To Me….

  • Being Present in a room outside my Industry
  • Action Words makes a Huge Difference in Writing and Pitching
  • Multitasking is not Good
  • Be Ready to Pitch and any given time



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