Love Yourself

One day my five year old son, Emmanuel was praying for everyone. He named all the people his little mind could remember and afterwards he asked me a beautiful question, “Mommy, Can I pray for myself?” One beautiful sentence led to this blog.

Often times we give the best to everyone else and leave ourselves empty. I have learned through the wise counsel of my Bishop that it’s a must that we bless ourselves. For some loving themselves come easy but for others it takes much work, prayer and self-confidence. Whichever person you are allow this blog to be a friendly reminder that you must love yourself.

Loving yourself means that you give yourself whatever you need to strive and thrive in these last and evil days. Give yourself to God and let him make something beautiful out of your life. Give yourself a sense of education and stability. Give yourself a great career that offers the complete package to maintaining to your lifestyle (health, mind and body). Take care of your health and the physical body that God has blessed you with.

You only have one life to live so make the best of it. Don’t stop praying for others but never forget to pray for yourself. Start this day to make provision for yourself and trust God for whatever you don’t have but stand in need.


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