For My Good!

Every day I remind myself of this scripture “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28.

I put positive reinforcement in the universe to let the devil and everyone around me know that all things are working for my good. I’ve cried many tears in my 39 years on this earth and I know that it was for me to grow, mature, gain wisdom and knowledge. Very often we don’t want to go through the valley experience but I want someone to know that in the valley is where you’ll be humble enough to seek the very face of God. In the valley you’ll learn things about yourself and others that you couldn’t have learned elsewhere. I want to encourage you to give the issues you are facing to God.  In his time he’ll turn everything around for your good.

The book of James remind us that trials and tribulations come to build us. Psalms 144 reminds us that we can be like pillars in a palace. Pillars are built from basic material, but once completed they are the strong forces that hold up the palaces, factories, offices, state buildings that we dwell in. God wants to make you like a pillar. He wants you to become stronger than you ever thought you could be. He wants you to be courageous and faithful, so he sends trials of all kinds to help you to grow. 

Don’t let the enemy speak anything into your mind or heart, resist him and he will flee. Don’t let the world define you and don’t let anyone speak negative against your future. But trust in the Lord with all your heart and strength and know that you’re going to make it. You may not see the evidence, you may not see how, you may not understand but I can tell you from experience that God is faithful. God knows what you stand in need of and believe me he will meet your every need. Don’t get fooled by the designer names, the lavish living and the trips across the world, it doesn’t profit anything if it cost you your soul. I encourage you to want what God wants for you, seek after the things of God and in return he’ll give you the desires of your heart.

The will of God must be first. True Christians know the scriptures “seek the Lord first and all his righteousness….”.If you’re battling with this, just ask God to help you. He is faithful and just to give you the desires of your heart that aligns with his will. An ungrateful heart can’t appreciate the blessing of God. God knows the animal we may turn into if he allows us to receive everything we want. He knows who will turn their back on him if they received millions. He knows that if he cure you prematurely, he wont get the credit. God is trying to kill self so that the spirit man can rise up. Let’s seek after heavenly things and not things that will rot. Trust the process and lean on the understanding of God.

I still believe this year is going to be mind-blowing for those that will receive it. God can bless any second of the day, so keep a grateful heart and stay in the right spirit. The BEST is truly YET to COME!


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