Now Wait a Minute 2020….


I swear this year went crazy fast and I didn’t complete half of the things I said I would last December!

Can we just roll back the time so I can have a do-over, I’m serious I will put in more effort this time. Yeah, that would be great but life doesn’t work like that, you snooze you lose and that’s life.

However I’m getting my shit together right now because I’m ending 2017 with a FREAKING BANG you hear me! I lay low and maintained low key balance this year but didn’t get as much as I should had done. But you can’t cry over spilled milk.

I did managed to kill a few things and is currently working on a few projects, lets just say 2020 is looking brighter. Currently trying to grow 5 businesses of my own and at least help or assist 5 New Start Ups get on their paths to becoming successful with the knowledge I gain over the years.

I see retirement in my near future, many think I’m playing but I’m very serious; I need to focus my Business ideas and creating multiple income sources.



It’s not too late to get started. Make your dreams realities, Surround yourself with people who do the following: Inspire you, already doing what you want to do, those you can learn from.


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