Hey There,

It’s  been a minute, I had and still have a lot going on. Some things change and put me in a position where I had to make some choices.

First, let’s go back to  July 2019, I went to LA Fashion week to see my goddaughter walk in her first fashion week show. However, I was networking with Actresses ,Models and Social Media Kid Personalities to promote Gianni Monae (My Children’s Brand). Proud to say I’m working with a few young ladies now and got the attention of their friends and peers.

August 2019 , was back in Vegas for Magic curating and selecting Fall Items for both Boutiques, great experience as usual. I’m excited for the Fall Collection.

Leads me to September 2019, made a decision to open up a Dance School with my daughter, she named it Young Queens Dance.  Deja has been dancing since 3 years old but she started training professionally at the age of 6 yrs old at Bonnie’s Dance Showcase on Ralph Avenue in Brooklyn NY. There she learned techniques and got the foundation she needed to grow in dance. She became a company member after 1 year of dancing, went on to be a company member for 5 years. She competed with her class in Regionals and Nationals Competitions earning Platinum, Gold and Silver Metals and Trophies. Her class competed in Vegas and Atlantic city Competitions and earned 1st and 2nd place Awards. Over the years she dance some more, taught dance to others. She always wanted to teach Dance!

September 8th, we opened our doors to Young Queens Dance, which is based out of Brooklyn, located at 1916 Rockaway Parkway. Classes are held on Sundays from 12 to 3pm. Children 3 -13yrs old are learning Ballet, Tap and African from September to December 2019. There will be winter showcase in December 2019.

Now let’s talk Tuition Fees, first we wanted to make prices affordable for parents who never had a chance to put their children recreational activities. Dance school is not cheap back in early 2000 I was paying $275 a month for my daughter’s dance classes some schools charged that weekly now.  We wanted reasonable prices that wouldn’t break the bank and children get the foundation they needed to grow and perform.


3 to 6yrs are $95 monthly

7  to 13yrs are $125 monthly 

I just want to say, if you don’t believe in yourself who will. If you don’t push yourself who will. If you don’t make your dreams a reality who will. You have the POWER to  be GREAT, what’s holding you back?




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