The Power of Having a Credit Card in College

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Happy Monday to you all.  I hope you had an amazing weekend!  I spent mine still celebrating my birthday, going to church and the gym.  It was a busy, but mentally relaxing weekend.  Sometimes just taking in all of the beautiful scenery around you or enjoying the little things, like walking and being healthy, makes a world of difference in everyday living.  If you feel tense all of the time, take a breather and think of your peaceful place.  You will find yourself feeling less tense and appreciating life more.

Last week, we discussed “How To Raise Financially Independent Children” strategies.  As a recap, some of the strategies were: “Opening Up a Savings Account, Wants versus Needs and The Good Ole’ Piggy Bank”.  The aforementioned has helped my son understand the power in saving money, so I say give it a try!

This week we will discuss “The Power of Owning A Credit Card in College”. I decided to break up the topic so it’s an easy read 🙂

Do you remember getting your first credit card in college or at a young age?  I remember having no greater satisfaction than to whip out that card and pay for my groceries, clothes and pretty much anything I wanted at the department or campus stores.  Yes, this credit card living was awesome as long as I remembered to pay the bill!  Here are some reasons why college students should have a credit card:

  1. Your credit history affects your ability to qualify for jobs, apartments and loans – Employer, landlords and of course loans are looking for responsible people who have great credit.  The better your credit is the more likely you are to get approved for something you’re going for.  A college student wants to build up credit early so when they graduate, their credit will already be established.
  2. Using a credit card teaches you money management skills – Just as we mentioned last week, it is important to manage your money at any age.  As a young adult, this is the opportunity for college students to start learning what it is to spend and PAY the bill.  The lesson should be to not spend more than you earn.  We know this is how college students can get into trouble.  The earlier they are paying a bill on time and not having 100% utilization on their card, the more they are building good credit for the future.
  3. There will never be a better – or easier – time to build credit – Believe it or not, one of the ways that college students build credit early is through no effort of their own.  If a parent or someone with good credit gives you an additional credit card under their established credit, you start to adopt the credit score of the adult.  If  done early enough, by the time the student is out of college, they already have a strong credit score.  Nothing wrong with getting a little help from our dear old parents 🙂
  4. Credit cards can help you deal with emergencies – Credit cards can come in handy for anyone, especially our college students.  If any unforseen emergencies come up, (e.g. need a book for class, need to take a flight home, need to buy detergent for laundry, etc….), this is where the credit card will come in handy.  The college students won’t have to wait for their parents to send money.  They may make the purchases on their own.  Credit cards in college can give you a peace of mind.

These are some of the reasons why college students should have credit cards but there are others (e.g. travel rewards, cash back, rental car bookings and hotel bookings).

Has your college student filled out a credit card application today?  If not, review the benefits and decide whether it’s a good idea or not for your student.

If you have any questions, please post here or email me at:

Next Up: The Pitfalls Of Having A Credit Card In College.

As always, thank you for reading.

Have a beautiful and blessed week!


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2 thoughts on “The Power of Having a Credit Card in College

  1. Great post, credit cards are great for earning benefits as long as you can pay them off on time. Which credit cards do you like the most?


    1. Thank you so much for awaiting my response. I still have to see why I’m not receiving messages from the group. For students, I like the Discover card because of its cash back feature for everyday spending (e.g. gas, restaurants, amazon, etc…) I like Capital One credit cards as well but their interest rate is high.


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