The Promise Is Crying

Over the weekend I was blessed to hear an awesome word from Bishop Gilyard. He spoke about Abraham and Sarah and the promise that God made to them. I would highly recommend that you read Genesis 12 to get a full understanding of their story.

In this passage of scripture we learn that Sarah offered the idea to her husband to have her servant Haggar bear them a child. In Sarah’s mind this would bring about the fulfillment of God’s promise to give Abraham an heir.

However, what Sarah did not know is that she would miraculously bear the promised son of her husband.  Abraham’s household soon became a place of contention because the two women were at war. The final stroke for Sarah came when she caught Ishmael the son of Hagar making fun of her son Isaac. She petitioned her husband to kick out the maid servant and the child Ishmael. Alone in the hot arid desert Hagar began to pray, but what moved the heart of God was the cry of Ishmael.  Ironically, Ishmael means “God Hears”. When God heard the child cry he remembered his promise to bless Abraham’s seed.

The preacher encouraged the church to remember the promises of God and let the promise cry out for us. God is going to do it because it is his name that is on the line. Often times we allow the problems to become bigger than our God, but in reality God is bigger than the problem. 

Lift up his promises and watch them come to pass. The bible teaches us that God promised that those who walk upright in his sight will receive the good gifts. King David said he had never seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging bread. I believe without a shadow of a doubt that God is going to do just what he said. His word can’t return to him void, so believe it! Although you may be pressed on every side you are not in despair. God will hear your cry and provide the need.

 Don’t let the promise die, keep it alive and remind God of what he promised. Don’t allow the situations and problems to burden you and cause you to forget God. Remember you serve a faithful God and he is able to meet the need. We can’t do it by our own power or might but God can.  Everything and everyone that God touches is blessed. God loves us and he allows our trials and tribulations to mature us and work for our good. Pray to God morning, noon and night. God wants to hear from you, if you give him your obedience he will fulfill his promises to you.


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