Rest Well Toni Morrison

Yesterday, our world was shook by the passing of an iconic, influential, loving and amazing writer, Toni Morrison. Although her death left a lot of broken hearts, we know that her legacy is bigger than life itself. She taught African American people to love their skin, walk in their truth and never to silence their voice.

Her work speaks for itself, so no need to list all her prolific books, articles, quotes etc. Let’s keep her legacy alive by reading her books and teaching another generation to admonish her work. Let’s remember the first time we read one of her novels or a time you heard her speak. I was elated that President Obama recognized her while she was here. It shines a light on the saying “give people their flowers while they are alive”.

Thank you Queen for showing the African American community genuine love and leaving an everlasting effect on many. May your soul Rest In Peace and may you hear well done you good and faithful servant. In your memory, I’m going to read “Songs of Solomon” and I believe I still have “Tar Baby”, so I’ll read that as well.

Sleep well Queen!

What is your favorite Toni Morrison novel? I would love to know!


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