Fix Me!

Have you ever vented your heart to the Lord? Have you ever declared “Jesus, I need you to fix me”? The problem with many Christians is that they learned to play church; they attend, make sure to look their best, they read the Bible and pray every now and then but never look in the mirror to find the cause of the brokenness that’s within.

 Saints, we have broken pieces within our body and spirit that neither God nor we can use. God can take it out without saying a word but he gives us the free will to bring the problem to his throne of grace. He wants you to figure out what hurts. Don’t think your all good because even the best of the best are battling within. James tells us that the battle is within. We war against ourselves and what comes out of us is what defile us. Whether it’s childhood fears, trauma or adult hurt from the church or life, we all have something to confess. We all need to touch the hem of His garment and be made whole.  I declare this year you’re going to get what you need. My drive is to give blogs that are transparent and real.

 If you need an example here you go “Father, I come before you to release the pain and hurt that’s been tugging at my heart. I ask you to release the hinderance within me. I ask you to bind the anger, the pain,  and bless the person that caused it, whatever that is inside me that keeps me captive to my past and my hurt is sent back to the pit of hell in Jesus name.  Father, In Jesus Name, I declare that I am healed from this situation. I’m going to work on myself and I’m going to watch what I say, where I go and even my very thoughts. I thank you in advance for hearing and answering this prayer. I trust you, Father, in the name of Jesus. Sometimes, it gets even simpler, Father have mercy on a sinner like me.

 Remember, God is available to all those that stand in need. He loves you and his job is to keep you in his perfect peace. Today, trust the report of the Lord. Let him work on the inside of you. Let him have his way in your life and your situations.



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