Did You Know – Part 2 (Finance Quiz)

Good late night Beautiful Women,

Happy Monday to you all!  I hope you had a fantastic weekend!  I spent mine in Virginia celebrating the 50th Birthday of one of my college brothers.  We had such a great time reminiscing and enjoying each other’s company.  On Sunday, I also had the opportunity to be featured on my college sister’s Surrounded By Wellness page to talk about my journey with Diabetes and other obstacles.  This is a great page that talks about the strength and courage of women and how we should take care of our mental and physical health.  Even though it took me 15 hours to get home due to bus issues, I’m happy to say I am safe and sound!

Last week, I shared the answers to our Did You Know – Part 1 series.  Today, I have another questionnaire for you to answer.  As mentioned, the purpose of these is to really understand the power that we have and how to start recognizing our strength in the economy.

Let’s test your knowledge: Here are 10 facts women should know, that may impact our personal finances someday.

1. Women working full time in the U.S. averaged_____ for every dollar their male counterparts earned in 2015. a. $0.50 b. $0.80 c. $1.00 d. $1.25

2. What percent of working women are impacted by the gender income gap? a. Less than 25% b. 25% to 50% c. 50% to 75% d. More than 75%

3. Given the gender income gap, how much longer must women work to achieve accumulated income parity? a. 5 years b. 7.5 years c. 10 years d. More than 10 years

4. How does the median retirement savings of women compare to that of men? a. Women save the same amount as men. b. Women save more than men. c. Women save less than men.

5. What percent of the nearly 12 million single-parent households in the U.S. are headed by a woman? a. Less than 25% b. 25% to 50% c. 50% to 75% d. More than 75%

6. What is the poverty rate among children living with a single mother in the U.S.? a. Less than 25% b. Between 25% and 50% c. Between 50% and 75% d. More than 75%

7. The average annual child support payment received by a custodial parent is _____. a. Less than $5,000 b. Between $5,000 and $10,000 c. Between $10,000 and $15,000 d. More than $15,000

8. _____are more likely to need long-term care (some level of medical or non-medical assistance). a. Men b. Women

9. _____ are more likely to provide long-term care. a. Men b. Women

10. A 65-year-old woman has a 50% chance of living until age 91.12 a. True b. False

Next Up:  Did you know….Finances – Answers

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me here or at: thefinancialcomforter@gmail.com

As always, thank you for reading!

Have a beautiful and blessed week!

Changing the lives in our community….one family at a time

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