Winning Wednesday

Today’s blog is titled “Winning Wednesday” because I declare that whatever you’re going through you’re going to win. Whatever is hindering you from giving God what he deserves and obtaining what you need must flee. I know without a shadow of a doubt that the best is yet to come.

I’m a firm believer in keeping it real and not real in the tense of being vicious. I mean real as in being humble and letting God know what hurts and who hurt you. We gain the victory through being truthful. God is aware of it already but he appreciates when you come to him to confess your emotions. If we can be honest for a minute, we ask for so much but give so little. Let that marinate, we’re keeping it real now! We ask God to fix it and take it away yet we can’t give him a half hour of prayer. If it doesn’t apply, let it fly. I’m speaking to those, such as myself that need to do better. I’m speaking to those that decree they will be better. We ask God to cover us every day of the week but then refuse to attend Sunday Service. Come on people! We ask God to provide all our needs but the bible tells us that we were created to worship God. What about God needs? Ouch, oh you think God don’t have needs. Think again, he doesn’t need YOU OR me! However, he loves us and he wants to bless us. So, every day he creates brand new mercies for each of us. 

The list goes on about our failures towards God and I’m happy to give you the remedy. Confess your sins to him, ask him to help you, ask him to strengthen you and resist the enemy so he can flee. We won’t always cross every T and dot every I, however we can strive for God’s perfection. We can live a life that is pleasing and honest in the eyes of the Father. He sent Jesus to walk the earth and bare all our emotions. So, God is very much aware of the things that are hindering us. I’m here to help you win, lets win together. Let’s heal together because we are all broken in more ways than one. God wants to make us whole so each day we must go before his throne with a humble attitude. 

If you stand in the need of prayer, feel free to send me an email.


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