Be Honest With Yourself Part II

The world says, “we are our own worst enemies” and I truly believe this. Often, we are too hard on ourselves because we’re not where we need to be or have the things we desire. Life then becomes a series of constant battles within and inner turmoil that often goes unnoticed. I can speak from this topic because I battle with not being as kind to myself as I should be. I’m an advocate for self-love and I personally aim daily to love myself more. However, there comes a time when you have to ask yourself, how much do I love myself? How much do I pour into the inner man? Yes, getting your hair and nails down is great but can people glean from your energy? Are you truly happy with being alone? Do you have plans to build yourself up? These questions may seem easy to answer, but to answer them honestly requires deep interspection. If you’re battling with self-love issues, let me be the first to tell you; God loves you, he forgives you, he wants to bless you and free you from the hurt and the pain you’re experiencing.    

The only way you can truly love others is by first loving yourself. Loving yourself means you don’t allow anyone to talk down, disrespect or abuse you. Loving yourself is doing what makes you happy even if it means making someone melancholy. I’m not saying that you should be selfish, but be slightly stingy with your energy to some degree. Some people are leeches who constantly take from you and give nothing back. The bible warns us about these people and it simply says, “don’t feed your pearls to swine’s”. Don’t give your precious wisdom, love and time to just anyone. Some people don’t truly want better.

My goal for the month of May is to walk to another level of consecration. To be godly to such a degree that others will recognize the change in me. Godliness to the degree that I’m a new person. What people say about me won’t hurt or hinder the decisions I need to make in my life. I am imperfectly perfect and that’s alright because God loves me anyway. God is not looking for perfect people but obedient ones, therefore seek counsel from the Lord and let him raise you to be who he called you to be.

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