Finally… Gianni Monae…


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Well. I guess it’s about time right after 3 long years of trying to get it together…

Listen I had to rethink this over and over again, and the one thing that was missing was timing. Wait it’s more…

  • Better Designer
  • Quality Children Wear and Accessories
  • Platform to sell items
  • An Audience willing to buy


Guess you can say I leveled up and got my shit together. I research and took a lot of webinars on what was missing from the Brand. Official Launch was April 9th but we got our 1st order  on March 31st since then several orders has come in.

It amazing! I build a community on Facebook around Gianni Monae Facebook Store’s page and i’s growing. I did an ad on Gianni Monae Instagram Store’s page and made a sale!

We would love for you to grow with our Mommy and Me Brand, join the community on Facebook @G Monae  and @Giannimonaecollection on Instagram today.


Shop adorable pieces on

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