Live wise. Die ready.

Over the weekend I had a very frightening experience. I felt the very hands of the enemy try to take my soul. I was asleep and I felt my body fading away. My vision was blurred and immediately I felt my soul begin to leave. I started crying out to God saying “why am I dying and why can’t I stay”. I heard a noise in the kitchen and called out to my son David, he quickly ran into the room to check on me. Some may say that I had an anxiety attack or even an outer body experience.  Either way, I know that something very abnormal took place.

The purpose of sharing my experience is to let you know that you must get your house in order because tomorrow is not promised to us. Let’s begin to prepare for our departure because it is coming. I am blessed that it wasn’t my time to go, but can you imagine the many people that wanted to stay here, but was told that their time is finished. I am learning to value my life more because it is coming to an end one day.  

Take all the necessaries steps to ensure that if your name is called you’re ok with leaving. Get some life insurance or upgrade your current policy, pay off your debt so your family isn’t burdened by your departure. It’s a lot, but get it done! 

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that tomorrow or next year is promised to you because no man is promised their next breath. It’s by the mercies of God that we wake up every morning, so don’t spend God’s time foolishly. The bible encourages us to work while its day because night will come when no one can work.

God wants to use you for the upbuilding of his kingdom. If you are saved it’s your responsibility to minister to the people around you. Let them know that God still saves. Tell them of his goodness even when they don’t want to hear it. Cherish God’s word for it says that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.

We all have to leave here one day, so while you have this time please work on getting your spiritual and earthly affairs in order.


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