Woke Up One Morning and Looked in the Mirror……



The other day I got up and headed to the bathroom nothing out of the norm but I happened to glance down to my tummy area damn there fainted.

I was not happy, felt like my belly grew over night! All day I was self-conscious about my belly, then frustrated about my thighs. I started to think negative thoughts, see I’m 5’4 and now 155 pounds which was my pregnancy weight. Over the years  my weight went up and down, I wont lie when dramatic things happened I was at my smallest due to lack of appetite.

You probably think I’m bugging and my weight is fine but for my height it’s over according weight chart and to how my body feels.



I won’t denied I love Sweets, Junk food and Soda, I eat too much of it and don’t exercise at all! Sometimes I skip meals because I’m too lazy to cook. See, My schedule is crazy I work 2 full-time jobs with one being my business My Secret Treasures Boutique. 

It’s no excuse because if I want a healthy business I need to be healthy and I get that. If you’re over weight at any size you will feel like you’re running out of breath.Especially when you’re doing something in which you’re physical active.

I’ve been looking at Prep meals and Diets lately, but I really need a soul food diet lol. I’m cutting a few things out and plan to drink more water than soda. Cutting out the Chips as well, substituting them with healthy snacks. Giving myself 60  days from to today to see some changes in my habits then in my weight. I have a MIND SET PROBLEM in which I have to train myself to eat better and not feel sorry for myself.

When i look in the mirror I want to see a smile and enjoy what I see!

I love shopping but NOT SHOPPING FOR BIGGER SIZES…… to have items that you may worn once or twice and can no longer fit is MONEY THROWN OUT THE WINDOW!

Im trying a Savory Waffles with Herb Gravy and Crispy Chicken Tenders Recipe this weekend and It’s heathy. I will let you know how it turns out.

I would any Healthy Food Tricks, Feedback to encourage me to stay focus!




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