Young Millionaire in the Making…….


Yesterday we went live on FB …. yup Gianni And Me by the way Gianni is only 5-years old and is on her way to build a dope Brand that will make Millions. chek


Let me tell you about a 5-year-old girl who has so much personality she will shock you when she talks. Gianni loves to dress up like Nana, wear make up and get her nails done. She loves accessories! Gianni Monae Collection was born, with clothing and accesories from Designers all over the USA. I’m teaching her how to build her own wealth young.

So excited to relaunch the Gianni Monae Collection, we search and source out vendors to create a cute Girly and Fun Funky collection. Young girls 3 to 14 years old will absolutely love this brand because they will get to be true to their individuality.

The inspiration behind the brand was the hardship of finding age appropriate children clothing that was super cute and unique.

We can’t wait to share what we came up with. Pre launch will be a fashion show in March 2019!


White Marble Heart Set

Gianni Monae Collection Gianni calls these her "Lucky Charms Bracelets"


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