Cat Got Your Tongue….

What’s Holding you Back from Your Dreams? Do You Even Have Dreams?


Like I serious need to know why some of you sitting on the sideline cheering others on like you have no ambition to do or complete anything.

All day on Social Media I see others repost others success stories but what about theirs. I need you to ask yourself “Am I not Worthy?” or ” Do I want to be successful or have a great story?”

GOD created us All Equal so what’s the problem? Laziness is not the answer, 2019 is a WIN WIN for everyone, will you get your slice of the pie? I told you I have so many questions and the only answer is to get busy serving your True Purpose!

For some reason today I needed to share this everyone.

Not only share it but is willing to have a conversation with anyone who needs a PUSH.

Please Open up your Mouth and Say Something, the Universe is waiting……

email with Push in the subject for now until I create a FB group


If you’re still not motivated her a few things to get started..

  • Take an Inspirational and Motivational Webinar
  • Read a New Book each Week 
  • Learn Something New Each day (knowledge is power)
  • Journal Thoughts
  • Cut out Pictures that makes YOU Happy, place them on Refrigerator
  • Write Down 5 gratitudes daily, it will increase as you go
  • Write Down 5 Affirmations daily, And get it done
  • Set Intentions


Now whose up for the challenge?


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