Happy New Year!

I took some time to think about what would be first blog of the year but there was so much to talk about………


Last year ended with bang, it also had hi and low points but I’m thankful for every part of 2018. I want to begin 2019 on a positive note so I want to highlight a few things I enjoyed.

  • All through 2018 I made connections whether it was personal or business
  • Utilize some of those connections
  • Grew my following on all social media outlet
  • Created a Dope Blog for writers to create content that will help others
  • Participated in some Huge Fashion and Media Projects dropping in 2019


What’s next for My Secret Treasures Boutique the Brand?

  • Reaching more Clients
  • Styling more Celebs
  • Making MSTB a Household Name
  • Giving back
  • Helping Business Owner get on their Feet
  • Girl Chat and Mingle Self Care Conference
  • Showroom
  • And Growth


Will You be there?


Check out a few highlights

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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