Closing Out the Year With a Bang! What About You?

This year was a tough one for me, with all the ups and downs I was still determine to push through.

Setbacks help me prepare for major comebacks. Last year I dreamed of a Book Tour but reality hit, my book was in all the stores paperback only, yea no e-books and money out the window.

However I decided to purchase a bunch of hard copies and push them hard as I could even if it meant giving them away.

Also I realized people have alternatives behind everything. You have something they want and once they get it they no longer need you. God forbid if you need anything from them you can’t get a call, text or email back.

However I always wanted my Come Up to be mines, nobody can say they gave or did anything for me.

The Saying about being in the right place at the right time is very true in my case, I connected a lot in 2018 between sponsoring and styling I landed some great opportunities.

Here’s a great opportunity for you

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3 thoughts on “Closing Out the Year With a Bang! What About You?

  1. Thank you for sharing. While this year has been a great one, I too had a lot of ups and downs to push through. Everyday I strive to be a better person, mentally, physically, spiritually and financially. I am determined to unlock all of God’s abundant blessings! The blessings WILL chase me down and anyone else who wants to be chased. We just have to keep pushing and stay faithfilled!

    My favorite blog was God Knows Your Mess…. very deep! I know we have all done things in life that were not pleasing to God but he loves us without judgement. Although I knew this deep down, Simone brought it to life! My 2nd favorite blog was What Title Do You have on your loved ones account? I learned a lot from this post because a friend of mines is going through it. I knew the basics but learned so much more when I researched it. Such an important topic that we should all be aware of.


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