Sisterhood Part II

A few months ago, I posted a blog about “Sisterhood” because it is important for us to remember that we truly need each another. We all come from different walks of life, so it is generally hard to understand the lives of others. However, we must not allow our various cultural norms, religious beliefs, and traditions to create barriers in forming friendship and building lasting bonds. To accomplish this however, we must remain open minded people who are willing to learn from each other.

Sisterhood has always been an important component in my life.  Therefore, I was intent about surrounding myself with women who I can trust.  Now, understand that I am not saying that my sisters and I are perfect people.  Further I cannot say that we have never had any differences because that would not be true.  However, I will tell you that I am beyond grateful and fortunate to share in a group of women who carry each other burdens and share in one another’s joy.

The best thing about this sisterhood it is that it is Christ centered not based on man.  There may be things going on in your world right now that you may not want others to know, but in sisterhood, your secrets are safe and there is no pain that their comforts cannot help to ease.  We may not be strong in numbers; however, I am always mindful that the sisterhood that I am speaking of transcends age, race, geographical location, or any man-made affiliation.

The sisterhood is maintained and kept beautiful by women on every continent of this earth. My sisters will never allow their race to define who they are willing to stand with or against.

Lastly, we all practice a few of the same principles; we keep it real, we love others unconditionally and we know that without you we are nothing.  My sisterhood runs deeper than blood and we water each other with our love. We are beautiful souls knitted together by our creator.

Therefore, the enemy works overtime to break up these friendships.  Be careful how you treat your sisters because the ones you don’t need today might be vital to your survival tomorrow.



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