Don’t Forget To Win Your Gift Card

Good afternoon Dolls,

Happy Monday! I’m brand new this week :-).  I switched it up on you 🙂  I’m going to bed early from now on (that’s the plan).  Let’s see how long that lasts.  I hope you had an enjoyable weekend.  My son and my bonus son (fancy word for stepson), surprised me this weekend and came to visit.  As you all know my son is at school in Maryland and my bonus son is here in Brooklyn, but it was so nice to have the both of them here at the same time.  Sunday after church was so relaxing, I need a do over. 🙂

You will remember last week, I posted questions about the content we’ve been speaking about over the past few weeks.  I haven’t received any responses yet, but figured you have all been preparing for the holidays.  Think of this way.  A 15.00 gift card as a gift for you participating in the financial Q&A is an easy win 🙂

Here are the questions again, in case you missed it last week🤑:

1. For a small estate, what is the maximum dollar amount a client must have before having to fill out paperwork for a large estate?
2. What is an Executor/Executrix?
3. When would there be an Executor/Executrix be assigned?
4. What is an Administrator?
5. When would an Administrator be appointed?
6. What is a Beneficiary?

True of False:
7. Can you put a beneficiary on a bank account?
8. If I have a Will, I must be appointed an Administrator?
9. If I don’t have a Will, I must be appointed an Executor/Executrix?

Multiple choice:
10. If there isn’t a Will in place, who can be put in charge of the loved one’s estate?
A. Adult Children
B. Best Friend since birth
C. 3rd cousin
D. A co worker

Please send all answers to:

The first person to answer the questions properly will be the winner. Winner to be announced on next Monday’s post

Have a beautiful and blessed week🤗


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