God knows your mess….

Earlier this week I posted a meme titled “God knows your mess but he chose you anyway”.  This meme definitely spoke to my heart because I’ve been judged by many for having children out of wedlock and for getting pregnant while being a minister. Some people have undermined my authority as a minister and even criticized my Christian walk,  but it does not negate the fact that I have been called by God.

Personally, I would have never chosen to be anything in ministry other than a member of my church. I am honored that despite my mess the Lord has chosen me.  God saw beyond my disobedience and granted me his favor. I’ve tried to walk upright in the sight of God and man but like many great leaders, we tend to falter. I thank God that once I repented of my sins he forgave me and he made something beautiful out of my life. I’m excited because I know what the Lord has done for me. God doesn’t call the qualified but he qualifies the called. The Lord knows our hearts and he knows that  I love him and desire to be used for his glory. My purpose is to preach and teach the gospel because it is the truth.

I was once my biggest enemy, I didn’t need anyone to remind me of my sins or humiliate me for them. I stayed on the offensive and if you tried to judge me or challenge me I would quickly snap back at anyone.   However as the years passed, my faith has grown and I realize today that the mess I endured gave birth to a message simply because I trusted God and his word.

The Bible declares that all things work together for good.. (Romans 8:28). I want to encourage someone out there that might be hurt, broken or ashamed of what they have gone through or is presently going through.  If God be for you, who can be against you? Don’t allow anyone to make you feel low or condemned, for all have sinned and come short of his glory. The world and even some folks in the church would like you to think they have never sinned. However, a sin is a sin and every man born of a woman will sin. The only man that was perfect was Jesus Christ.  Although he didn’t sin yet he was condemned by sinners.

Before the year is over, forgive yourself and others. Don’t allow others to dictate to you how God feels about you.  God is love and he wants to win your soul with his love. His love transcends your past mistakes and he will allow everything in your life to work together for your good and his glory. The same ones that laugh at you today will one day have to look at you and call you blessed.  To all those that like to sit in the seat of the scornful,  be careful playing judge and jury over the affairs of others, because one day you will be judged as well.

Be Free. God said all we must do is repent and sin no more and anybody without sin go ahead and cast the first stone (…that’s right put the stones back in your pocket and pocketbooks)


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