How Much Do You Remember?

Good morning Dolls,

Happy Tuesday to you!  I hope you had a fabulous start to your week and a fabulous weekend.  I had the pleasure of doing a Diabetes workshop for my community in Brooklyn.  Although we had a small crowd, they were engaged and extremely excited about making a change in their diet to live a healthier lifestyle.  It was an amazing experience and look forward to doing more.

This week I was going to discuss Administrator papeqprwork for Estates over 30,000, but instead, since it’s the holidays, we will have a quick check in.  You can win a 15.00 gift card to treat yourself to that pricey cup of coffee OR lunch.

Let’s begin:🤑

1.  For a small estate, what is the maximum dollar amount a client must have before having to fill out paperwork for a large estate?

2.  What is an Executor/Executrix?

3.   When would there be an Executor/Executrix be assigned?

4.  What is an Administrator?

5. When would an Administrator be appointed?

6.  What is a Beneficiary?

True of False

7.  Can you put a beneficiary on a bank account?

8.  If I have a Will, I must be appointed an Administrator?

9.  If I don’t have a Will, I must be appointed an Executor/Executrix?

Multiple choice:

10. If there isn’t a Will in place, who can be put in charge of the loved one’s estate?

A. Adult Children

B. Best Friend since birth

C. 3rd cousin

D. A co worker

Please send all answers to:

The first person to answer the questions properly will be the winner. Winner to be announced on next Monday’s post

Have Fun and have a blessed week🤗


Changing the lives in our community….one family at a time






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