The Importance of Holiday Marketing…So Secure the Bag……..


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As a Business or an Inspiring entrepeneur you have to stay ahead of the game. Especially during holidays, learn to use your calendar wisely to monetize your business.

We are now in November and still some haven’t took advantage of an early start. Small Businesses increases every year so there’s a lot of competition, and many will miss out.

I wanted to share some of my Holiday Marketing tips with you…..

  • Holiday Flyers (canvas, ripl)
  • Holiday Promos ( Social media promos with Industry pages that works well with your brand)
  • Holiday Guides (check around Holiday Guides, they’re popping up everywhere)
  • Holiday Editorial (Blogs and Online Magazines)
  • Holiday Shares (With other Businesses on Social Media Platforms)


Yes you will need a budget to promote but that’s why starting EARLY is important to have a successful holiday season. Secure the Bag!

I have submitted to an all Black Holiday Guide, Social Media Holiday Promos. I also booked events for November to sell to locals. I’m currently working to get on Blogs and Podcasts.

I have also created my own Holiday Guide in which you can sign up by clicking on tab Holiday Guide 2018

All Submissions will be promoted through my social media stories and once a week on

IG Page @mysecrettreasures  (19621 followers) and my

Fb Page @secrettreas (2721 followers) up to December 20, 2018.


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