Get Your Life…… Werk Pray Slay Weekend!


As Tamar would say “Get Your Life” I agree……….

Many of us sit around and watch LIFE happen without us. Whose the blame… Your Parents, Boss, Children, God? We make up excuses not to live our lives and live by those same excuses. What happen to taking chances, risks… living off your spirit or what GOD has planned for you?

Currently I’m busy learning about myself and manifesting my future. Lately people around me have been getting sick, some more serious than others. Some have forgotten their purpose in life while others have no clue what their purposes are.

So this past weekend  I spent time in Atlanta Georgia at the 2018 Werk Pray Slay Weekend with my Sister friend. Landed Friday night, rushed to the hotel and headed out to ATL Streets for some fun. Saturday was a full day of workshops, panels, pictures, networking,  note taking ,shopping and more.

My intentions was to learn something new that would help my business in the long run, (long-term goals). I believe my time was well spent, listening to others about their journeys in becoming successful in their eyes. Everyone’s success story is different because we all want different things in life. I can’t wait to get started on new ventures.

One thing I learned was your connections should be able to solve problems. So when collaborating both parties should walk away with benefits. Also learned I need to pay more attention to my Intentions. Basically what’s your goal, and why it’s a goal. You also need to know the steps to reach that goal. There’s a such thing called Faith Walk and believing  in yourself.

I would like to know….

  • Are you a Risk Taker?
  • Are you a Quick Learner?
  • Name 1 long-term and 1 short-term goal
  • What are the necessary steps for you to reach your short-term goal, long-term goal?
  • When will you Start?
  • Who do you need to connect to get started?

If I can be your Plug I will do my best to connect you………

Werk Pray Slay Weekend all Fashion, I wasn’t ready but here’s a few of my looks!

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