Bless yourself!

“Be a blessing to yourself” was the sermon topic on Sunday at my church. This message really resonated with me because this is something that I have endeavored to put into practice in my Christian walk.

It is impossible to be a blessing to others if you are not a blessing to yourself. The notion that you should run yourself raggedy for others is not biblical or healthy. Your first duty is to honor your body; after all, it is the temple of the living God. When you fill it up with alcohol and drugs you dishonor your maker. To honor your body means that you must get healthy and stay healthy. Make sure that your diet and exercise game is on point. People might call me over the top, but I will go to the doctor at even the slightest hint of pain or discomfort. Part of blessing yourself is to make sure that you stay healthy.

All successful people in life have a daily regimen that they live by. After much research, I’ve found out that they all share one similar habit, they get up early. Folks, the early birds really do get the worm. Lazy people stay broke.

Bless yourself, people! Believe it or not, you are the one that governs how others treat you. When you say, “Oh, don’t worry about me” or “I’ll pull through it” guess, what we believe you. If you want better treatment from others starts by changing your vocabulary. Tell folks the truth; it will set us all free. I’ve come to realize that when you allow mistreatment in one area of your life it will permeate throughout all areas of your life. I don’t give people permission to hurt me and use me. When I was in the world I didn’t tolerate disrespect from others, so how much more now that I’m saved.

To all you serial users, God’s gonna get you! If you only know folks when you want something from them then you are a user. If your relationship with others doesn’t cost you money, time or energy then you’re either a user or a fake friend. How you allow people to handle you is up to you.

The Old Testament book of Isaiah chapter 31 verse 3 says, “The Lord has appeared of old unto me saying, Yea, “I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore with lovingkindness have I drawn thee. We have a heavenly father that loves us dearly and his love never runs dry. Arm yourself with the knowledge of his love and bless yourself this week!


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