The gift of transparency

An open and transparent Christian is a light of hope for the unsaved.  They are ready witnesses leading other to eventually submit their lives to God also.

The Bible declares that he (she) that wins souls is wise. Part of being a wise Christians is to be as transparent as possible. People desperately need to hear your testimonies; past and present ones. They need to hear how you made it over your obstacles. Back when I was young the old Mothers use to tell it all. They would always tell of the goodness of Jesus and what he had done for them.  Sometimes I wonder what has changed. Because the younger generations of Christians are the opposite; secrecy has become the new normal.

For some strange reason we don’t want to testify about the bad and ugly things in our past and if we do we have a tendency to water it down.  Apostle Paul is a prime example of a believer who wasn’t ashamed of where God found him and he was ready to share his testimony with King Agrippa.

Now remember King Agrippa of the bible was just as great in power as the present day Queen of England or our POTUS.  Many of you want million dollars businesses, but you won’t share Christ with your six-figure earning managers.

The wealthy, educated, and driven folks that you desire to emulate are spiritually bankrupt without God. Remember your testimony might be the saving grace for them. If they don’t accept your witness at least you have shared it and God would rather you tell it than to keep silent.

In our lifetime, we will come across people from all walks of life and we don’t know who will be touched by our testimony.   I want you to pray this week and ask God to use you to speak to someone’s heart. God loves people and so should you. As a matter of fact, the mark of a true Christian is their care for the souls of others.

Believers will go to the end of the world and back just to reach one soul. They’ll share their intimate secrets and bare their soul if it will help someone else find Christ.  Some of you might feel that it doesn’t take all of that. Well, keep hiding your light and see where it gets you in the end.

For all of you that are not ashamed to be transparent, remember you are a gift to this world.

On another note, this year has been tough for many especially all the bereaved families.  My prayer for you is that God will give you his peace that surpasses all understanding. The bible declares blessed are those that mourn for they shall be comforted


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