All I Can Say is DENIM…… Contest!

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Yes Denim x Denim equals More Denim! Well all Fall / Winter 2018 the denim Trends will just get bigger. You will see lots of denim on top of denim trending.

Don’t be afraid to try a denim look, get created too.  Above are some of my favorite denim looks for Fall/Winter 2018!

Below are some looks you can try

  • Denim Duster with a Tank, and Ripped Shorts ( create your own ripped shorts by cutting an old pair of denim jeans and slicing them with a sharp razor)
  • Denim jacket with Denim pants or Denim skirt
  • Denim jumpsuit with a Denim buttoned down shirt
  • Denim Dress with a pair of Denim Knee Boots


Get more creative and throw some paint on your denim, add some patches, write some bold words.

Again don’t be afraid to overload your closet with Denim this Fall/ Winter, it’s the most easy go to outfit! Who doesn’t love a great pair of jeans?

By the way who makes your favorite jeans?


Send us your best picture in  your Denim Overload for a chance to win $25 Gift Certificate/ Card.

Email pic, name and social media outlets to with Denim Contest in the subject.

Contest ends September 28, 2018


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