Worth the wait!!!

Oftentimes this type of message comes from a person that has waited on their mate and is now married.  Now you know that your girl is single and patiently waiting for my happy ending!!!

First and foremost, I am going to declare and decree that waiting for marriage is far better than moving ahead of God, thereby ending up in the wrong relationship.

The purpose for my waiting has now become clear to me.  You see at first, I was waiting to find the perfect husband that was going to come into my life and make it beautiful. I was waiting on my perfect husband to help me obtain all the things I desired and that I could not obtain on my own. My perfect husband was going to write all my wrongs. Now here is what I’ve discovered, my perfect husband will be one of the imperfections in my imperfect world. Our inadequacies will perfectly match the will of God. Marriage is for companionship it is not just for love.

As I observe married people and hear their stories; the good, bad, ugly and indifferent I am convinced that my future husband isn’t coming to add magic to my life, instead he is coming to further God’s purpose for both of our lives.   In fact, he may not fulfill all my materialistic desires, but he’ll help me to grow spiritually.  You see there is a purpose in marrying the RIGHT person!

I’ve been that woman that tried to save my man, speak life into him and draft up the blueprint for our life.  I did all of that and to no avail.  Well, guess what, I am no longer looking to be his superhero and he doesn’t have to be mines either.  I have no plans to try to build a man brick by brick that is God’s job.  Now don’t get me wrong I’ll add a few bricks to what has already been built.

Some may disagree with my message and that’s okay.   Always remember that we are what we think.  Proverbs 23: 7 states “For as he (She) thinketh in his (Her) heart, so is he (She): Eat and drink, saith he (She) to thee; but his (Her) heart is not with thee”. A positive mind will bring about positive things. Discovering your value will help you to wait and believe me the Bible has never given a bad report about anyone that has kept the faith (read Hebrews 11).

While you are waiting my Sisters and Brothers believe in God and pray the prayer of faith. Practice some self-improvement too.  Nobody wants a broke future spouse; get a better job, complete your education, clean up your credit report, and curb your spending. Get ready now to win you in 2018 and may you win in love too! God bless you.


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