Holiness is still RIGHT




God is not looking for perfect people, but he is looking for obedient people. Do not get fooled by those that attend church and appear to have it all together. Words of wisdom; be the best you that you can be, knowing that you will never be perfect on this side of the earth, but through God, you can strive for perfection.

God tells us “to be holy because your God is holy”, it means that you are to separate yourself from the people and things that cause you to sin. Living holy means that you put the things of God first and you honor what the Lord says to you. It may seem hard to live a holy life, but it starts with a made up mind. Your obedience to God will allow you to live a holy and acceptable life before him and man.

Apostle Paul said, “What shall separate me from the love of God?” Nothing! Do not allow anything or anyone to separate you from God. Today, be obedient to the will of the Lord.

A few weeks ago, I posted a blog about accepting God’s No. Most Christians backslide when they do not hear what they desire to hear from God. However, in these last and evil days, you better learn to accept what the Lord is saying even if you don’t like it. Saints and sinners alike are dying before their time because they are not completely submitted to God’s plan. If God tells you to seek his face then you should seek his face. If he tells you to stay prayerful, then continue to pray. God promised never to leave you nor forsake you so take him at his word, they can’t return to him void. The Lord is not slack concerning his promises, therefore rest in the comfort of the Lord. The Lord wants you to win.  He promised you a home in heaven one day. Do not allow the affairs of this world to rob you from obtaining everlasting life.

Heavenly Father,

Help your children to accept what you are doing in their lives. Help them to understand that your will and your way are perfect.  You declared that your thoughts are not like man’s thoughts; therefore, no one can comprehend your wonderful works.  We trust you father to continue the perfect work you’ve started within us. We confess our sins and we ask that you forgive us and teach us to walk upright in your sight.


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