Do You Spend Too Much? How to Budget

Good evening Fellow Treasure Dolls😊

Happy Monday to you 😊!  I hope you had a fabulous weekend.  I was in Maryland at my family reunion, just enjoying everyone and their company.

Have you ever said to yourself “Where did that 20 dollars go that I just pulled out of the machine?”  It is so easy to spend money when it is in our wallet or on our debit card that we don’t even realize it’s gone!  Let’s go over how we can start tracking our spending.

Pen to Paper:

Writing everything you spend, even if it’s the smallest purchase, is very important.  Sometimes we spend money on items we don’t need, e.g. that new outfit 😁.  It’s ok to purchase something for yourself sometimes, BUT don’t spend all of  your money on shopping 😊 That money could be the start of a nice savings for you.

Some tips to save are:

*Making your lunch for the week

*Setting up an automatic deduction from your account to go into a savings account

*Don’t link your savings account to your ATM card (this will make your money less accessible and then you’re not tempted to withdraw from it)

*Add up all of your bills and decide how much you will have left over.  Once you do, figure out what percentage you can save.  The key is to not overspend🙄

There are a number of budget sheets that can get you started. In google, type in budget sheets and many options will pop up.  Choose the one that is best for your style.

Let’s check in next Monday and see how we are doing with saving.  Remember, anything can work with consistency and effort.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out here or email me at:

Have a beautiful and blessed week😊


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