How To Start An Emergency Fund

Good evening my fellow Treasure Dolls,

Happy Monday evening to you!  I am doing my vampire impersonation tonight by posting this late 😁.  I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Mine was busy, but rewarding.

Last week I mentioned we would discuss setting up an emergency fund. It is so important to have additional monies outside of your paycheck.  Unfortunately, in an unstable economy, you never know when your paycheck may abruptly stop.  In this case, we must be prepared, so why not start with an emergency fund.

There are a few ways to start putting extra money in your pocket.  I will discuss the two that helped me before I was laid off from my previous employment of 20 years:

*A side hustle

*Saving excess grocery shopping money

The side hustle🤩

We are all talented at something.  Whether it’s baking, doing hair, make up,event planning, or selling items, we have it.  Find out what you’re good at and capitalize on it. You should be passionate about it.  Use social media, vlogs and blogs to display your ” hustle”.  For me, it is selling jewelry for almost 5 years.  It has helped me accumulate great supplemental income.  When that extra money comes in, start to sack away the extra in a savings account, with NO access by ATM card.  In order to access the money, you have to physically go into the branch.  Since everyone hates a crowded bank, you most likely will not go in 😄 Never underestimate your talents. I assure you, someone needs what you’re offering. It just takes time and patience to get it up and running.

Saving excess grocery shopping money                                       🤑

I used to say to myself “anytime I have leftover coins, 5s or 1s from grocery shopping, I’m going to put them in my emergency fund jar.”  It was amazing how much money was saved just from putting this excess money away. Designate how long you want to save before you start counting the money and watch a nice nest egg build. (My suggestion is to try and do a year’s worth of salary).

With discipline and determination, this will be a success.  Make sure you start at some point because you never know when the unexpected may occur.

Next week’s topic: Do you spend too much?  How to start budgeting

As always, if you have any additional questions, please reach out here or email me at:

Have a beautiful week.😊


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