Always Busy…….

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Every weekend I’m on the go, I heard someone say you should rest on Saturday and another say she does her chores on Saturday.  Well for me…. rest is a stranger, for the last 23 years I’ve been running …..

So… when is too much to much you asked….

When you’re overwhelmed and suffer with short term or selected memory I like to call it quits, forgetting such things like laundry, groceries, pick up the kids etc.

When you become ill and stressed out, it’s time to quit.

I’m  learning slowly what a balanced life feels like. I’m  learning to take my time with all my ventures (business and personal). I’m making better decisions, smarter moves and vibing with likeminds. More importantly preparing myself  so I don’t have to Get Ready. I’m putting my life on a calendar everyday, scheduling has become a huge part of my personal and business life. If it’s not on the calendar I don’t do it.

When we move smarter we free up time to chill with family or spend time alone. We deserve more Selfcare and Me-Time, I’m such a fan of chilling alone.

Some of the things I discovered to free up my time are listed below…..

  1. Scheduled emails
  2. Placing orders 1 day out of the week
  3. Scheduled Social Media Posts
  4. Shipping 2x week only
  5. Schedule doctor appointment on the same day
  6. Plan Me Time in advance
  7. Plan Dates with the girls weeks ahead
  8. Calendar Updates
  9. House chores 2x a week
  10. Less tv and more staring at the ceiling (lol)

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