How Much Do You Remember? Part 2

Happy Monday😄!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I had the opportunity to participate in a special Olympics in New Haven, CT.  This experience was one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. Truly a joy to be in their space and look at the determination in their eyes as they competed in several events. Very rewarding and humbling.

I’ve decided to post the questions again because I didn’t have any winners. Since I want to give some deserving soul breakfast/lunch, here is round 2 🤗

The first person to email the correct answers to me will win! You have until Wednesday at 4pm.

On your mark, get set, GO:

What are the 2 types of Life Insurance
What is the purpose of an RMD?
At what age do you have to take an RMD?
True or False: The purpose of purchasing a bond is to help business owners raise money for their vacations?
Which type of life insurance earns cash value?
Which type of life insurance expires after a certain period of time?
What does IRA stand for?
What is the maximum contribution per year for a 50-year-old into a Traditional IRA?
Which IRA is pre-tax dollars?
Which IRA can NOT be written off on your taxes?
Have fun and may you remember plenty 🙂

Next week’s topic: The Rule of 72. How long does it take your money to double?

Please email all responses to:

Once I gather the responses, I will announce the winner on Wednesday, June 13th@5pm.

Until next Monday, have a beautiful and blessed week.

Changing the lives in our community….one family at a time 🙂

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