Follow the instructions



One of my favorite mantras is a line from the song… “He took me, and He made something beautiful out of my life” Those words have defined my journey perfectly.  I know firsthand that sometimes our own choices can lead us to a dead-end road, BUT God.

My dear readers, take some time out of your day to encourage yourself and to allow God to work things out in your life. He has the power to transform lives because he changed mine. My goal/mission is to start a spiritual movement, one that reminds us all that we are never exempt from God’s goodness.  In fact, it is available to all that will receive it. God hates the sin, but he loves the sinners. All the Lord desires from you is your obedience; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. God does not look at the outside appearance of people but he searches the hearts of people. Give God your heart and your time and believe me he’ll make something beautiful out of your life.

God is able to do anything. Communicate your needs and desires to him He promised in his words that his plans for you is to live a successful life. To have this life, however, takes work.  Use each day to make positive changes in your life.  Every positive step that you take in life is to ensure that you will reach your destiny. I cannot tell you enough, always pray, the Bible said in Luke 18:1 “And he spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not to faint…”

Again, TRUST God because he knows the way you are going and when you are tried you shall come forth as pure gold. Finally, know that some things only come out by praying and fasting. Therefore, some changes will only be accomplished by turning down your plate and prayer.  I encourage you to get in the habit of fasting.  Read the book of Daniels so you can have a better understanding of what it means to fast.

May God continue to grant the increase in 2018 and remember the best is yet to come!!!

2 thoughts on “Follow the instructions

  1. Amen my sister! Years go, I was praying for something but I wasn’t getting any results or answers. Then one day, I was reading my Bible and came across a scripture where the disciples was trying to cask out demons and heal people but was unsuccessful. When Jesus came, He was able to cask out the demon and his disciples asked him how come they couldn’t do it. Jesus replied, some things can only he done with fasting praying. I went on a fast and even during my fast I felt God presence taking away the stronghold. When I came off my fast, God answered my prayer and I been a changed woman since. My relationship with God was officially established from it.

    To God be the glory,

    Talibah Washington

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  2. Amen my Sister! Thank you for sharing your amazing testimony! May it be a blessing to all that read it. I too can testify to the power of fasting. I know that it makes us better and it also allows our prayers to be answered. God bless you!


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