Why Don’t We Support Black Owned Businesses?

support+black+ownedAre we brain-washed by the Corporate World that we feel the need to have bragging rights for shopping in major stores.  “I got these shoes from Bloomingdale so you know I spent money.”

Why not Shop with people who look like you,  live in your neighborhood, who kids attend the same school as yours?

I don’t normally troll my social media pages but Friday I did because I recently repost a tweet saying shop with black own businesses.  Someone decided to comment, the young lady said she would if they didn’t buy stuff out of Target to resell. My First response was I don’t any black owned stores that do that. SECOND any store could do that and they don’t have to be black owned. She also went on to say Blacks will overcharge you. Now wait a minute so do White, Spanish and Chinese and people still buy, I’m not saying its right. Then to find out she claims to be a business owner, I’m guessing all her clients are from other races too since she doesn’t support black businesses.

So let me just say this I’ve been to some upscale boutiques and stores and wasn’t follow around or asked dumb questions but also experienced  the opposite. I have been in stores where the black security guard follow or watch me as if I was a criminal (NY and Company), a few stores on 5th ave in the city as well.

Blacks would rather buy from other races because to them because is the norm no matter what type of service or how much. It could be the same product at a better price and they will shop with another race. There are plenty professional blacked owned businesses out there and some have been in existence for a very long time. It just sad to see your race not support  because you’re Black but will asked for a hook up, deal, a discount or free stuff real quick from a black business owner.

Communication is a major key for all businesses not just black owned. Many businesses have bad communication with their customers but black owned will always be single out first. NO I’m not using the Black Card.

I find myself working on improving my communication with clients all the time.

Starbucks is the latest to racial profile guests sitting in their shop without making a purchase because they were waiting on someone. By the way there are over 47 Black Owned Coffee Shops in the USA.

So Support Professional Businesses, Support Professional Black Owned Businesses. Help build up your communities.

My book “Business Mistakes That Turned Into Life Lessons ” will be available soon for purchase. I will be dropping jewels not just for Business but for Life.


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