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Some of us are stuck and comfortable. I would normally say to each is own but it upsets me to see someone struggle and not want to be better.

If you know me, you know I attend a lot of women Conferences and Empowerment Brunches. I like to surround myself with positive like minds, I like the conversations, the possible connections that I make. I walk away feeling empowered and encouraged to do better.  With my high motivation I’m ready to hit the concrete and work my behind off.

Last week I attended the Win Rock & Rule Conference at the Prudential Center and it was good, I enjoyed myself. The ladies were dressed to kill and they all were working on projects or beginning new exciting projects. I met a young lady from New Jersey and we started talking and had so much in common including the love for mixed patterns. Her outfit caught my attention from across the room, then she sat next to me at the conference. It was meant for us to meet that night. We’re now trying to put something together to build each other, like a sisterhood.

However, what bothers me when people questioned why do I go to these events and do I ever get anything out of it? It’s very simple you get what you take from the experience. Every experience is different and you need to have an open mind when you’re attending Empowerment events. I always walk away with some knowledge to better myself, I love  myself  enough to push harder.

You should Empower yourself everyday! You should set goals and work your ass off every day to achieve those goals! You have no excuse for watching everyone around you constantly move while you stand still.


I would love to hear your thoughts on Empowerment Events and Conferences…..



2 thoughts on “Empower Yourself

  1. Great post, you touched on so many topics that are important. I need to get better about setting goals. Do you do monthly or weekly goals?

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  2. I do both.. set them apart, for ex my weekly goals are on my to do list for Mondays and Wednesdays I don’y know why I chose those days. It works for me. My monthly goals starts the 1st day of the month and I keep in mind it must be completed by the last day of the month.


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