Few Years Ago I Launched Gianni Monae …..


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A few years back I was convinced I could own a children’s store as well as my clothing Boutique.

Well it didn’t work out in my favor. I planned it out, did a model search,  created social media pages, a website. I got business cards, flyers and a banner made; I thought  I was ready.

So I decided to do a test run and vendor at a children’s event, turned out I was the only vendor. People thought I was giving away stuff because everything else was free. Why would I give free clothes and jewelry away for no reason?

Mothers came over to look at stuff just to say “I didn’t come with my wallet.” I was so disappointed in the promotion for that event, there was no reason for me to be there. Oh yeah I made $0 that day, waste of time. It was a Cute event though.

I gave clothing to charity and sold the jewelry and never look back. I left Gianni Monae behind and move on.

One day I was thinking about doing something different and Gigi walks in the room with my shoes on, a tutu and a handbag. At that moment I said I gonna Give Gianni Monae Collection one my try!

Timing is everything…sometimes we rush things into existence and we fail. And that’s okay because 1 day you will get the opportunity to revisit the situation again. Either you act on it or pass on it. All things are possible on God’s timing, so trust the journey and be patient .

Here we go……

Model Search for girls 3 to 12yrs old

  • Email Info@secrettreas.com
  • Include name, age, pic, address
  • If chosen further instructions will be forward





2 thoughts on “Few Years Ago I Launched Gianni Monae …..

  1. Wow! Your blog really ministered to me. Thank you for sharing and I wish you all the best with the Gianni Monae Collection!


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