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Earlier I was searching the Internet for encouraging quotes on how to turn your dreams into reality. I’m constantly asked I how did I get started but the bottom line is I started somewhere. The hardest thing is to make the initiative to start anywhere. My question is to you” how long will you continue to build someone else’s dream”?

As I think back to how it all started, the birth of my baby “My Secret Treasures Boutique”, I get goosebumps.

I always had a hustle so I’m always in a business mode.

I remember being at my dining room table designing jewelry and drinking wine late at night. Truth be told it was hobby turned into a business. I took a few pieces to work just to show them off, and my co workers wanted to purchase them. At that moment I realized I could monetize my hobby, it took off in NYC and California.

I went from a jewelry boutique to a full bloom Ladies Clothing and Accessories Boutique within 6 months. I won’t lie it took a long time to find great quality clothing suppliers. Dealing with China was one of my worst experiences as a retailer , after the 2nd try I closed the door on the chapter. I did home showcases, I brought models to walk the runway in homes. In my earlier years I collaborated with a lot of upcoming designers,  I  still love fresh designs til this day.

I’m pretty much an open book, I talk about My experiences all the time. Not so Fun Fact, I maxed out my credit cards shopping after my mom passed away. I paid them off and closed them out afterwards. I decided to open my own clothing Boutique.

Fashion has been my passion since a teenager, however; I don’t remember wanting to have a career in fashion. I realized I had a unique style, in 9th grade I was one of the few rocking mc hammer pants. I still love and rock harem pants, my style has evolved. Years ago people would  say that looks good on you, now they want the same look.

My Brand itself has evolved,  I’m doing things I never thought about doing outside my Brand.  Facing fears and making my mark, building a legacy I call it. My outlet of Fashion led me down paths for other reasons.

So be open to the change and the bigger picture because your purpose could be bigger than you ever imagine.

I just finished writing a book on my mistakes as a business owner and I don’t like to write. Now I write my thoughts down every second I get. I planned to start recording myself soon, who knows maybe I’ll write more.

When will you start? What are you waiting for? What will be your legacy? What will you leave behind? What do you want to be known for?


I will be waiting…….




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