Thought You Had It All Figure Out…


Man just when you thought you had it all figure out, so over the weekend I took my cousin to a Style The Life You Love workshop to get some new Jewels. The one thing I realized I still have a long way to go.


So back in January I finished my 2018 Focus and Ready Vision Board and I was so excited. I completed some things on my vision board. I’m focusing on other things now. My main reason for my vision board are my end results. Many coaches will tell you to start at your end goal and work your way backwards. And that works for me because knowing my end goal keeps me focus and motivated. The problem is realistic goals get in the way especially if their not obtainable. Every goal should be measure with reality and specifics.


Tiffany brought up a few points and I didn’t have the answers. It brought me back to my start point with one question in mind “where should I really start”? After rating certain areas in my life with lows to highs I realized what needs a lot of work and what I’m actually doing well in.


In life we do a lot of temporarily fixes, meaning it’s okay for now but will need upgrading later. You ask why: It could be time, money, resources, laziness etc that keep us from winning.


I’m no professional but I think we’re afraid to take the Leap…. Yes FEAR holds us back from our HAPPY.


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