Coming Over Fears…My First Recorded Interview Was…




Let me start off by saying my nerves have a mind of their own. At any given time my body becomes uncontrollable with mind racing, hearting beating fast, especially in front of audience. But that Thursday Night it was different even though I was in a room with strangers I was Calm.

February 1st, I sat down with Jean Price of the WIN Show, she asked me questions about My business, blog and my purpose.  Please keep in mind I didn’t know what we were going to discuss just knew it would be intimate. Prior to us recording we had conversation off the camera and I was running my mouth about so many things. So by the time it was camera time I was ready to flow.

Jean led and I follow her, I took a minute to think about the questions then my words started to flow out. Before I knew we was going into commercial breaks and all, then it was over. Everyone said I did well at that point I was anxious to see what I looked like on camera since I never filmed before .

Speaking in front of Large Audiences…..

I speak to large groups as needed, I’m not public speaker but when I do speak on the things I know I’m very comfortable and  I push to be relatable. We all need to connect

One of my goals for 2018 was to do more Public Speaking which included speaking to larger audiences. First thing I did was a 30 day challenge of posting FB videos which later led me to doing FB lives with others. Still I have long way to go to get over this fear but doing a taping on a show that will be seen by many was a huge step for me.

My purpose is becoming more and more real and if I need to use recorded interviews to get the message out I’m up to the challenge. I plan to take baby steps to speak to larger audiences. One day I will mastered it and be booking speaking engagements to empower others.

My Interview with the WIN Show airs Friday Morning  February 16, 2018 at 8am on Cable channel 115.  It will be also available on The WIN Show’s You Tube channel for those who aren’t able to watch that cable channel. I will post the link to all my social media pages as well.

Please leave any feedback on the interview, there’s always room for improvement. Speaking is a skill I will like to master even though people call me a motor mouth.


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