Why Vegan Cosmetics?


What do you know about your makeup? I always wonder do MUAs pay attention to the ingredients before they put these products on their client’s face. Beauty Cost literally but the fact it could contribute to illnesses that would affect your health is horrible.

I have tried ExPOSE  Glosses and I love how creamy it is, more importantly I love that its Good to my lips and not toxic. You should give ExPOSE Cosmetics a try you may clear out your makeup box.

Who is ExPOSE Cosmetics, LLC?

ExPOSE Cosmetics, LLC is a Vegan cosmetics line, providing you  with a healthier choice of makeup. Plenty of people think about the harm of animals when it comes to a vegan product, but do they think about the toxic chemicals that it may contain? ExPOSE’s Vegan lip wear has 14 shades of lip glosses, 9 shades of lipsticks, and 2 flavors of chapsticks that consist of castor oil, coconut oils, mango butter, jojoba oil, avocado butter, and so much more. (Ingredients listed on products) The bottom line is that we should read our labels like food labels. We eat everything on our lips and these toxic chemicals are killing us. Let’s change the makeup game by thinking before we apply!


Tell us about the inspiration behind the Brand and your big why.

Makeup is LIFE! Inside of every store, the first or last thing I do is strut down the make up section. One day I’ve randomly read the ingredients in one of my favorite lip glosses and couldn’t pronounce one word at the back of the packaging. I decided to google it and I was DISGUSTED of how many cancer causing ingredients were in my special lippie. I’ve immediately done research on non toxic brands, and they were either advocating that they’re vegan but not non toxic, it’s too expensive or  I just simply didn’t have a connection to the brand. I had to do something about this because I couldn’t just wear cocoa butter on my lips all day everyday. I still wanted to slay my makeup looks!


How did you know that your product was needed in the market? Whose your audience and why?

I knew that ExPOSE needed to be on the market the moment I’ve read a black owned cosmetics line’s label. The first 4 ingredients were cancerous. I thought that I HAVE TO change the beauty game. My audience is all races, sex, gender, and age. We deserve to be alert about what we are eating off of our lips.


Are there any mistakes you made on your journey that taught you a lesson you could use in the future?

Yes. Not planning properly. I started ExPOSE with no plan or knowledge, so I’ve spent unnecessary money. It taught me to get a planner and plan every week; create goals and tackle them!


With so many lip glosses and lipstick brands, why should I buy from you?

Why not ExPOSE is the question!? We are more than just a Vegan Brand, we are also NONTOXIC. These clean lippies are in suburban areas that is double the price that ExPOSE is offering.We should all have access to clean products.


If you could pitch your Brand to sell to a larger audience, who are you pitching to (Sephora,  HSN, Whole food etc) and why?

All of the big cooperation’s because I firmly believe that we should have more choices of clean products, especially if it is targeted to black women.

Let’s hear the Pitch….

Make sure that it’s good for you. You’ll look good, when it feels good.


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