Lack of Motivation




It’s  Sunday and I know I need to plan out my week but mind is everywhere. This week is actually a busy week for me, I’m stepping out on faith and hoping everything goes well.

Problem is my motivation is at its low. Fighting just to write this blog tonight.

Maybe it’s my nerves, doing my first interview that will appear on channel 166 on cablevision which is major for me. Then I’m debating on these 2018 collaborations, not everyone bring the same thing as you to the table. If they can’t grow your networth then they don’t belong to your Network!

Sometimes we need clarity, we need to do some spring, summer and winter cleaning with our relationships and how we spend our time . Whose  in your corner, got your back, #1 cheerleader,  support your dreams?

All I need is 4 loyals…

One to ride with me

One to talk and create businesses with

One to talk about anything in life with

One to keep it real  with me

I had to unfollow a lot of people that wasn’t adding positivity to my world. Spend less time on social media, unfollow gossip blogs has help alot. Basically focus on myself, life and what I need to do.

Didn’t watch the grammys either, not even for the fashion.




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