Stylist Taking Charge




I have always love fashion and I wanted more. I jumped in the fashion world selling clothes, dressing for fashion shows and styling photo shoots but the craving grew.

I had the opportunity to be a Personal Shopper and jump on it, it was actually fun and not what I expected ( stressful).  The women were happy with the outfits.  I definitely want to do more personal shopping so I’m currently working on building my clientele for it.

Inspired by Celebrity Stylists J Bolin and Michael Mann, I super love the mixing and matching they do, I have been doing that all my life!

This weekend I had my 1st session of Styling Working Moms it was great. We put looks together, took pics and laughed. At the end she chose two great looks and I gave it to her free for her time and trust in me.

Moving Forward As a Stylist I will be taking on 5 Clients at a time, I’m at ease because I own a ladies Clothing Boutique so I have access to suppliers and designers.

Sometimes in life you have to step out your comfort zone and try new things; the outcome maybe what you dreamed of after all. Follow your Dreams, and trust God, he has install greatness in All of Us. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND ALWAYS PUT YOUR BEST FOOT FORWARD.


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