More of Staying in Your Own Lane



I swear to you I try to stay out of politics but now days everything is political or becoming political in the office, Social Media even at the salon. However, It’s interesting to converse and to get into each other Minds.


For example, Comedian Monique’s Issue with Netflix and her wanting to people to stand with her and Boycott. Let’s take a moment to think…. Is it a Racial or Gender Issue?

In Hollywood Yes Black Females get paid less and I’m pretty sure many knew that before and during signing those contracts. Even though many will say they found out after signing the contract, the fact of the matter is they will continue to sign more and more contracts knowing that White Women and Men are getting paid more.

Me Boycotting Netflix don’t put money in my bank account or make my life any better. The money she’s fighting for ain’t got ish to do with me. Pick and choose your battles wisely. We have to get out and work for we want or think we deserve, it’s not given to us. Entitlement is used way too much!

Take note, Even when Beyonce isn’t working she still pops up on the gram like ” You thought I was gone”. Just saying stay relevant with your Brand and the buzz will always be there.

More importantly Don’t count people coins and compare their talent to yours. We have to stay in our own lane and do what’s best for us. We have to focus on us to improve ourselves then our coins will grow tremendously .

Monique is damaging her brand more than she knows, she will make more enemies and no one will work her. She needs to figure out a different way to get what she thinks she worth! She may think she’s standing up for herself but bringing others down or into the drama makes more drama.

When All the Above Fail, Create Your Own Network, Cable Channel, Streaming Service and Put Your people On That Network! Black People are so damn Powerful!

My Issues with Monique……

  • Where have you been over the years?
  • Are You On The Road like Most Comedians?
  • Relevancy
  • Are You an A-list Comedian?
  • Why are you comparing other people coins?


These are my issues and opinions only, but my advice to her would be to revamp her Brand. Create a New Monique that people would pay to see live. Make her Brand a Demanding Brand that Networks would be rushing to work with and offer her Big dollars. In order to do this she needs to hit the road and build her new and improve fan base, independent movies, daily or weekly comedy podcast etc.

I wont give all my ideas out.







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