Are You A Pearl?

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For years people didn’t know how damaging everyday products were to their bodies including myself. Very few were using organic and natural products but today there’s high demand for organic and all natural products. I must say because of the demand some have triple their prices for their Products and that may cause others to continue to use damaging products. So today we would like to introduce you to Pink Pearl Naturals, an all natural body and hair-line. This Pearl  has proven she’s here to stay!

Pink Pearl Naturals Is the epitome of feminine elegance. I have always had an extreme love for the “Extra'” or “Frills & Glitz” as far back as I am able to remember. Pink has always been my absolute favorite color, all shades and I have a great love and appreciation for Pearls and their uniqueness.  Being a licensed cosmetologist also gives me a passion for healthy skin and hair and gives me an advantage when it comes to formulations since I’ve learned the foundation in school years ago.

The journey leading to the Birthing of Pink Pearl Naturals was not one of elegance or ease. In 2016, the very foundation of my life was rocked without warning, and everything I knew had began to fall apart. I was facing a tumultuous divorce after over 20 years of marriage. Facing turbulence of this nature led to emotional, mental, spiritual and financial instability that I was unfamiliar with. Eventually leading me into a state of deep depression. I had no source of income at this point because I was a stay at home mom throughout the marriage. I needed however an outlet to generate income, as well as something to cheer me up.
This is when God, my Source, spoke to me clearly to reveal the vision, the Resource of Pink Pearl Naturals. I began making products and sending them to family and friends to randomly as gifts to test out. I was not looking to sell. Making the products was therapeutic for me in my broken state, this is where I found my place of serenity.
Soon after with the encouragement of family and friends I considered selling products to bring some income in. This eventually led to the Birth of Pink Pearl Naturals as the world knows and has grown to love today!
Pink Pearl Naturals entered a pretty saturated Natural Skin care market however our products meet the needs of Our “Pearls” as I like to refer to the customers. I personally hand make each product with responsibly sourced, natural and organic raw ingredients. I never use any chemicals or preservatives and my products Do what they have been designed to do, period. The demand for chemical and preservative free products will continue to grow as people are seeking to lead healthier, more natural lifestyles.
The concept of Pink Pearl Naturals is we can have premium quality products, with premium ingredients that are amazing for your skin and they Can be Feminine and Elegant. You can display our product right next you your gorgeous favorite perfume bottles. Natural can be Feminine, Beautiful and Pink without compromising the quality of the product. The products offered are great for skin from all races and we also offer customized products for those that deal with skin conditions such as Eczema. Pink Pearl Naturals is actually in the process of diversifying the Brand, I am currently in the process of completing the first Two Male Products. The goal is to have them out prior to Valentine’s Day 2018, follow us to stay updated!
If you have been seeking to try a skin care line that offers not only quality products but outstanding Customer Service, where you are valued, appreciated and respected. If you love natural skin care products but are not too happy with the mundane neutrals, if you are into Soft, Feminine Elegance and still want your Melanin to Radiate like you have been kissed by the sun then Pink Pearl Naturals is definitely for you. Some of our Signature items will have you hooked from the first sample; Our Signature Lip Slushies guarantee all of our Pearls will have the most desirable Soft, Kissable Lips of their life from the first try. We never fail our Pearls!
“Slushies”  you ask? Yes, Slushies are Pink Pearl Naturals Signature Exfoliate products. Extra perhaps however it would not be Pink Pearl Naturals if it were not.
Our Slushies are designed to Slush away dull, rough, dry skin. Unlike other exfoliates our Slushies are packed with natural moisturizing oils so when you are done your skin is not dry and you honestly do not even need to moisturize your skin. Our Lip Slushies are the absolute best for the Pearl that hates Dry Chapped Lips or the Pearl that loves to wear matte Lipstick.
Five years from now and beyond as a woman and a brand, I see myself being an inspiration to women around the world. Pink Pearl Naturals to me is more than a brand and selling body products. It is the catalyst that strengthened me in the most stormy season of my life. Being birthed in the midst of  all this,  and seeing where I am in less than two full years there is so much more to be done in and through this. As a believer, I know that there is always purpose in pain and every storm creates a testimony for our good but ultimately for God’s glory. There are women that are hurting, broken, depressed and feeling as if they cannot not accomplish anything in life because they may not be “qualified”. I will be the face of Resilience, when women around the world see the Pink Pearl they will recognize it as a symbol of Strength, Hope and Inspiration that they too can accomplish greatness after their storms.
I just completed the ” I’m A Pearl” Daily Affirmations Journal that will be ready for pre-order in January 2018. This was designed to have women Boldly Declare their Greatness and everything that is inside of them daily, so they can identify and nurture their inner strength. Broken to Serenity was released in October my first published work as a part of an Anthology, This will be the forward for my full book currently in the works.  I also have a few speaking engagements lined up allowing me to be transparent to encourage other women. This is what it is all about. I am looking forward to helping other women get out of their storms, helping them birth their greatness. Pink Pearl Naturals is always looking to support
Breast Cancer Awareness all year not just in October. This cause is very dear to me having lost my beloved grandmother in May 2017 to it.
My heart truly desires to get women to recognize there is a Precious Pearl inside of each of us, no two Pearls on earth will ever be alike. Pearls have a crush capacity stronger than a diamond. We may get hit by storms of life;  they will not crush us nor will they destroy us. We will rise as Radiant Pearls, Uniquely Beautiful, Resilient and Strong!
And we have our very own discount for our readers….
So Enjoy
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