Do You Get Yourself?



Some of us are so stuck in our ways with little growth. We have minimal movement and we blame the world for it. The world is changing whether it’s for the good or bad.


I realized years ago I wasn’t  happy with my current job and went back to school to get my Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Marketing. Now with an Associate and a Bachelor both specializing  in Business many assumed I’m living my Best life.  I will tell you this you can major  in something and still do the opposite or do things on personal beliefs or experiences in Business. I did just that!

Well I used trial and error plus experiences most of my business years, was it successful? Not all the time but I learned from the experiences and that help me grow. I’m not where  I would like to be  but everyday I put my best Foot Forward.

I get myself, I know that I have to stay motivated, continue to write my ideas down then work out a step by step guideline with a deadline. I also choose to close some doors because I choose Me over everything. I’m ready to open New Doors and begin New Adventures with my Girl Gang and New Friends. I know in order to get the job done I need to put in the WORK and I can’t  be afraid of a few NOs.


So I asked you “Do You Get Yourself?”…… Do you know who you are? Or Who you could become? Are you willing to give your all to become a better you? Do what you need to do to make yourself HAPPY. Everyone deserves happiness so choose it and yes sometimes it could be a temporary material fix like a new car or a vacation. We only have 1 life to live.


Think about those questions then answer each 1 with 4 sentences, then put action into those sentences. Start working on a better you today so tomorrow you’ll be Greater than you were 2 days ago!


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