Ready for the Shift….



Sitting in my car this morning it hit me my life is my purpose and everything will not go as I planned. So I did a short video on what I felt at that particular moment. It was a reality check!

I planned  the first 3 months of 2018 as Blogs, Building A New Website, Girl Chats and Interviews  but GOD had his plan for me.

My plan was to take down for almost 2 months to rebuild and relaunch but GOD Said Why? I can rebuild and still keep my Website live for my clients, I could drop new items on certain days. I can bring a Web Designer on board while my site is active. I could take quality pics little by little and still share on social media.


What I thought was just for me to do I introduced some of the ideas to others, now they’re on Board with creating a vision boards and the 52 weeks money challenge. More importantly I now have accountability partners and I’m excited about that. We Can All Win!  I’m so Down with Issa Rae…. I’m rooting for Ladies, Black Ladies, Lady Bosses and more Including Our Kings to be right beside us doing the same thing!


My Shift…..

I started to look up vendors events for the beginning of the year but then that shifted to me planning a Ladies’ weekend to spend with the girls. So many ideas came to mind to inspire an motivate them to live up to their fullest potential and serve their purpose. I don’t have the final details for that getaway but I’m working on it. I guess what I’m trying to say is ” we choose our battles, challenges, Roads to follow but sometimes the decision is not up to us”.

However we must stay Prepare for any and all that may come our way, so last week I grabbed a few envelopes and label them Birthday,  Business, Bills, Credit Card, Food, Vacation. Each week i put a random amount in the envelopes, without counting the new total  in each envelope. Not sure how long it will last but it’s a step in my preparation for what’s about to come.

My Question to you…….. Are you Ready for Your Shifts?

I would love to know any shifts you’ve experienced this month, please leave a comment below


4 thoughts on “Ready for the Shift….

  1. It must be something in the air or just a general energy shift. I too have been thinking along the same lines! I have been mapping out my plans for 2018 which include dedicating more time for writing… and actually developing a plan to market my books more. In addition I’ve really been thinking about putting a girls trip together too. As women we get so caught up in the day to day that we don’t take time to celebrate ourselves or each other. I’m so excited about all of your new endeavours! I think they will offer an opportunity for women to connect, and for your blogs audience to share their thoughts.
    Mahogany Star

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